Imogene Newland | Movement

Multidisciplinary artist Imogene Newland’s seductive and provocative style blends the boundaries between art forms including choreography, sound, film and performance art.  An accomplished pianist, Imogene’s interests focus on the ‘overlap between gesture-based research in the fields of music performance and choreography’. Her series of works, including Blood Piano (2011), Tipping Point (2014), The Point is This (2015) and EarthSounds (2016) explore such themes as the intricate female form, the relationship between sound and body and the role of genders in social and cultural settings.


Based in Aberdeen, she last year worked with composers Ross Whyte and Suk-Jun Kim in the creation of two new works for sound and dance: EarthSounds (2016) and Leylines (2016). Imogene holds an MA with distinction in choreography from Dartington College of Arts and a Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music in Piano Performance. She also completed her practice-led Ph.D at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast in 2011.


Vimeo: Imogene Newland on Vimeo