Bryce Hope | Sound

Bryce Hope is a composer and acoustic sound artist hailing from the Highlands of Scotland, living and working in Aberdeen. Bryce’s interests lie in the production of music  that pushes the boundaries between artistic mediums and the capabilities of the instruments.


Bryce is influenced by composers such as John Cage, George Crumb, Philip Glass and various other composers; his works are signified by features such as variant sound shapes, extended techniques and poly-stylism. He takes major influence from literature including the works of Jorge Luis Borges, folklore and fairytales and the works of his close friends Amanda Garcia and Connor Leggat.

His recent works have included his piece for solo piano tEn (2016), which was awarded the Carlaw | Ogston Composition Award in 2016; Happy Richard (2017), which utilised the spoken word using text by Connor Leggat; and his up-coming five-part piano suite, The Immortal, inspired by the work by Borges of the same name. Focusing on themes such as sexuality, time, infinity, eschatological questions and paradoxes, Bryce’s music is a challenging insight into the mind of a composer who appreciates all sounds as influential musical material.

Bryce holds a Bachelor of Music Degree (Hon) (First Class) from the University of Aberdeen and is due to graduate with his Masters Degree in Music (Composition) in November 2017.



YouTube: Bryce Hope on YouTube