Angela Main | Story

Angela Main is a performance artist, poet and craft-maker. Having studied a BA Honours degree at Northumbria University in 2009, Angela went on to work within a diverse range of projects including performances with BBC Radio 4, Woodend Barn, sonADA’s Torry 24 and The Human Clock with Janine Harrington.

More recently, her project Portal, a solo performance combining ideas of endurance, physicality and the transcendence of personal boundaries, was presented at Aberdeen beach as part of the Da Dee At Live Art Festival in May 2016. Portal built upon Angela’s previous project Wildworks on the River Tyne in 2009, developing the themes of water and performance that will be further explored in River.


Angela says of her works: ‘The site and the coincidence. The chance and the communication. The by-products and the imprint made. The collaboration and the conversation. The performance. This is what interests me most: the process.’

‘The journey from theatre into the live art performance has been one of excitement, relief, curiosity and exasperation. I stand on the periphery, looking outwards. I like it here. Here I play at being a writer and creator, a performer and experimenter. I revel in the crossovers between discipline and the freedom I have found to express ideas in this intangible medium.’

‘I aim to be honest, integrative, with both space and material. Starting with an imagined performance I begin an exploration into ideas, I enjoy being led by my intuition, allowing my work to be affected and responsive to the environment.’

‘A constant search for the essence of identity; for my own identity, the identity of places and others, has plagued me for as long as I can remember. Traces of this can be found in all of my work.’

You can discover more about Angela’s work on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.